What Are the Primary Teachings at a Cosmetology School

I am In Cosmetology School, Now What?


It is your first day of class. I am sure you are wondering what to expect. You want to know if you need to take every class or pick the ones that interest you the most. The short answer is no. You cannot pick and choose. You have to attend every class if you want to get full and comprehensive training. Below you will find a sample checklist of what to expect.


1) General Study


You learn the basics, including grooming and ethics. You will also learn things like physiology and human anatomy. Several former students have compared this class to something you might get as a psych major. You will also learn about the various cosmetology tools and when to use them.


Some former students say this is the "make or break" class. Based on how much you like the class you will decide whether to move forward or not.


2) Hair Styling, Etc.


Students who take this class have decided to pursue this field. This class helps explain each type of hair and how to treat your clients respectively.


Students learn how to cut and style different types of hair, including every day and special functions.


3) Hair Coloring


This is not the DO It Yourself color treatment box you find in the store. Students learn how to professionally color someone's hair, and how to take care of it when they get home. This is an education for both you and the client you will serve. You can lend your knowledge and show them how to take care of their hair after a shampoo and cut.


4) Other


Students learn professional makeup skills, as well as skincare routines they might not know otherwise.

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